16th Congress




110643Graphic Health Warnings LawRequires all cigarette packages and other tobacco product packages, found in the market, to bear highly visible, full-colored, graphic health warnings.
210665Open High School System ActProvides an alternative mode of formal secondary education program for elementary school graduates and high school dropouts.
310667Philippine Competition ActProhibit monopolies when the public interest so requires and combinations in restraint of trade or unfair competition, through the creation of the Philippine Competition Commission.
411679Youth Entrepreneurship ActMandates the cooperation of the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, in order to develop and integrate entrepreneurship courses in the curriculum of secondary and post-secondary school students.
511699National Athletes and Coaches Benefits and Incentives ActExpands the coverage of RA 9064 – which grants privileges to athletes in specific international sports competitions sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee – to other sports competitions to be determined by the Philippine Sports Commission and Philippine Olympic Committee; as well as recognize disabled athletes as national athletes.
611744Credit Surety Fund Cooperative Act of 2015Creates and organizes the Credit Surety Fund Cooperatives, a special cooperative, to build up the capacity of member MSMEs, cooperatives, and non-government organization in the areas of credit evaluation, loan, and risk management.


  1. House Resolution No. 91 – A Resolution urging the Office of the President of Declare 2014 as Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial Year


  1. House Bill No. 4042 – Strengthening the Rules on the Proper Use and Display of our National Symbols and the Rendition of the National Anthem
  2. House Bill No. 4123 – Promoting the Development of Entrepreneurship Skills Among Government Employees
  3. House Bill No. 4382 – Instituting A National Land Use and Management Policy
  4. House Bill No. 4629 – Magna Carta for the Poor
  5. House Bill No. 5538 – Organ Donation Act